The Groom's Room

Rob’s First Blog…

So my Wife told me that I need to start blogging!?? I would ignore her but she’s also my Business Partner…. Ignoring my ‘Wife’ is one thing, ignoring her in business mode – that’s a different thing altogether. So anyway, here I am. She has suggested I’m chatty, sometimes funny and not boring. No pressure then. She’s also instructed me on a list of possible topics …. They include the obvious like ‘what to expect from The Groom’s Room in Colchester’ and ‘Menswear shops that I like’. Other suggestions included a review about my recent night out in Colchester with the Lads (that will be a short one as I can’t remember a lot) or a bit about Tom, our other Menswear Consultant, now that could be a good one because I used to really like Tom but I have recently gone off him – He started calling me Pops after establishing that I am technically old enough to be his Grandad!! This caused no end of fun with the Abigail’s Collection Girls who all found this info to be completely hilarious. I am planning to sack him soon. Abi thought this was the funniest thing she had ever heard until I pointed out that she was technically old enough to be his Mother. She soon stopped laughing then.

So it seems appropriate to tell you a bit about how The Groom’s Room all came about… Abi set up Abigail’s Collection and then persuaded me to join to help develop a Menswear Hire Department in order that we could look after our Bride’s Fiances. We also really liked that idea that you could get everything under one roof. 7 years in and I’m a proud owner of our award winning menswear and wedding dress business.

I’ve always taken an interest in Men’s fashion and you could say I’ve always loved a good suit, I’ve certainly owned a few in my time. Developing the Menswear side of the business seemed like an interesting option and I haven’t looked back. I did a stint at a Tailors to learn the trade and then was trained by three of our Menswear Suppliers. I learnt everything from garment history through to fabric composition.

If you’ve popped in or you’re already a Groom’s Room customer you’ll know that we like to look after our Customers. Our business is all about great suits and award winning customer service. We’ll grab you a Beer, we’ll pull you up a chair, we’ll rustle you up a cuppa and above all else we’ll work with you to find a fantastically smart look for your wedding day whatever the theme, colour, type of wedding or budget. We’ve got tonnes of suits for you to try and a massive collection of neckwear colours, waistcoats and jacket styles.

If hiring a suit doesn’t do it for you then you could consider a made to measure suit. This is proving very popular and is not as expensive as you might think. Some of our customers like to combine made to measure and our suit hire across the party ensuring that everybody gets to look good and feel great on the big day.

So that’s a bit about me …. I look forward to hearing a bit about you in-store sometime soon.