The Groom's Room

Colour Your Wedding

Part of our job is sometimes to help couples choose their wedding day colour scheme, it’s a real privilege to be asked what would look best.  Colour’s so important especially as it shapes so much of your wedding and the plans that follow.  Obviously in our industry you get to see a whole myriad of colours selected.  I always smile when I see Groom’s craftily trying to style their wedding in the colours of the football team they’re dedicated to.  And some Groom’s do! We’ve had West Ham, Ipswich and of course Man U themed weddings!  Not sure my Wife would have let me get away with that.

Some of my favourite colour themes of late have included the following; bright (and really lovely) coral and aqua blue, it’s really fresh.  A lovely couple has recently chosen this for their wedding day abroad – perfect.  Navy and silver is fantastic (and very classy), it’s timeless and elegant.  Finally another that I really like is olive green and vintage rose – a beautiful wedding day colour combination especially for a vintage theme.

There are no rules about what you select and how you choose to use colour throughout your wedding, it starts with what you like and what suits the Bridesmaids and then of course what suits the Groom and his Attendants.  We often suggest that the Bride and Groom visit our shop in Colchester in Essex to decide on colours and outfits before inviting the Bestmen, Ushers, Father of the Bride and Father of the Groom in to enjoy a beer and be fitted.

What you do need to remember is that the colour that you select for your wedding day outfits is often also echoed through your invitations, the wedding cake and your wedding venue dressings so you need to feel good about the colour choice that you make.

Another recent trend we’ve noticed creeping in is statement style ‘black and white’, it’s a striking modern look and it works for any season or time of the year.  It’s dead sharp! We’ve recently styled a black and white theme incorporating a black floral waistcoat, the groomsmen were in the reverse colours (all in black tailcoats)and it looked really fantastic!  This colour theme works really well for a dressed down affair too (no waistcoat but instead just a skinny tie paired with a short fitted Lounge jacket) so you can be as formal or as informal as you like with the black and white theme.

Have fun and enjoy selecting colours, we have so many …. Shout if you need any help, we’d be delighted.