The Groom's Room

An all Inclusive Belly!

June is always a hectic but brilliant month at the Groom’s Room, we start getting into a LOT of fabulous wedding celebrations which is always fantastic – the shop has a real buzz about it and our complimentary cold beer fridges enjoy a real hammering!

Unusually though the month kicked off for me and my family with a short break in Majorca, 15 of us went including 7 children – we had such a great time with our friends. We stayed in Porto Christo on the East Coast of Majorca, very pretty and our all inclusive hotel meant I ate and drank all I could for a week … I piled on a few pounds, half a stone actually!! …. Altogether it was a great family holiday and a lovely destination for those considering a wedding abroad!

Talking of Size; inevitably we get to fit all shapes and sizes at The Groom’s Room and our massive selection across a spectrum of suit sizes enables us to suit and boot pretty much anyone. I think our tallest Groom has been 6ft 8’’ and our shortest (smallest) has been a 1 year old for whom we are making a mini tailored suit to match his Dad! He is going to look very cute at their August wedding.

Whilst we’re on Groom’s Room size record breakers; The largest Gent that we have ever measured for our menswear hire service had a whopping 60” waist and 66” chest. It’s obviously hard when you are that size to find clothes to fit well, we were delighted to be able to assist and made some special items in order to ensure that this particular Usher was able to play his important role with pride.

I can’t possibly finish this June blog without commenting on two other things; First of all the football!!! My comment is this; Predictably depressing but some amazing games so far (such a shame that England are coming home so early). Second thing to be far more positive and proud about is that following on from our incredible 2013 ‘Menswear Retailer of the Year’ award win at The British Bridal Exhibition, we have entered the competition again. We are keeping everything crossed that we may possibly once again be top of the shops and make it to the finals for this year, here’s hoping we outperform England anyway! Winner announced in September….